As you may know Dr James Rohrsheim passed away in June 2018 after a brief illness.

We were very fortunate to have another orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Adam Woodbridge, assist us in caring for Dr Rohrsheim’s patients both during his brief illness and after his death. Dr Woodbridge has now taken over Dr Rohrsheim’s practice as principal.

You can call the practice on 1800 447 362 if you wish to make an appointment with Dr Woodbridge. You can also call the practice to arrange a copy of your records to be transferred to another doctor or provided to you.

Dr Rohrsheim, who you may have known as James or Dr James, cared very deeply for his patients and was very proud that he’d helped change so many lives for the better.

In his own words from December 2017: “My motivation to study medicine 30 years ago was built on my desire to help people. It is a true privilege to be given the opportunity to operate on a fellow human being. Obviously, it requires incredible trust from you, the patient, to allow me to slice you open. Looking around…the small way I have improved your lives, is very humbling and gratifying.”

Thank you for your best wishes for James during his illness and for all the wonderfully kind messages to our family too.

We wish you all the best for the future.

Kind regards
Victoria Rohrsheim